What your coffee says about you ☕️

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Caffeine junkies, have fun! Because at the moment, it is all about a excellent ol’ cup of joe. With Macmillan’s Coffee Morning on September 29 and International Coffee Day on October 1, coffee is throughout us (nice information for the 21.three million employees amongst us who down the stuff at the reg).

So, what higher method to have a good time than by way of relentlessly judging your coffee alternatives? If you wish to know what your coffee order says about you, scroll down…

what your coffee says about you ☕️ - What your coffee says about you ☕️
what your coffee says about you ☕️ - What your coffee says about you ☕️



You don’t have any time for any individual’s shit. There’s 0 room for faffing about in your time table. You bounce away from bed within the morning with the entire zeal of a small kid in a Disneyland ad. You bathe (very completely) in beneath five mins. You order your unmarried coffee – double on a Friday to regard your self – by the use of the Starbucks app, so you can steer clear of the queue (as a result of who the f*ck has time for queuing?) You’re complete on, friend. Try stepping out the quick line from time to time.


You’re both simply all about that chocolate sprinkle existence (and feature been identified, on multiple instance, to mention “There’s certainly chocolate in this, proper?” to the barista), or you simply suppose you’re a coffee gourmet. You order your cappuccino begrudgingly, while discussing at duration how the most efficient cappuccino will also be present in a small, far off the city within the Dolomites, that you came upon all the way through your annual circle of relatives vacation to Italy. In truth, you do not know the variation. Your colleague as soon as referred to you, in the back of your again, as a ‘pompous arsehole’. They can have been proper.

Regular latte

‘Stick to what you know’ is principally your motto. You’ve eaten the similar factor for lunch two times this week already, and you have not modified your hair in 5 years (if ever). Sure, you may well be known as ‘dull’, however you know what? You simply know what you like, and there is not any disgrace in that. If it ain’t broke, do not repair it.

Extra scorching, further rainy, half-sweet, thin soya flat white with an additional shot

You actually understand how to carry up a queue, do not you? You’re difficult, have been almost certainly spoilt as a kid and grew up within the geographical region. You’re principally a Tory. You would be the individual that returns their coffee, venomously spitting the phrases “Umm, that is no longer what I ordered” on the deficient barista who can not bear in mind half of of the BS you simply mentioned.

Caramel latte (with caramel sauce, clearly)

You’re simply residing your highest existence.

Anything with almond milk

You’re health-conscious and almost certainly illiberal to dairy, gluten and subtle sugar (or, a minimum of, you suppose you are). You have a minimum of five,000 Instagram fans (however nonetheless bitch that it is ‘no longer so much’), and chances are high that, you’re both writing a plant-based cookbook or ‘coaching’ to turn out to be a yoga teacher. You additionally use the phrase ‘vibe’ with out a shred of irony.

Filter coffee

You’re good and all the time in search of a discount. The 99p retailer is principally your 2d house (“Everything is beneath £1 – even the large stuff!”) and you have a no-frills angle to existence. You may just do with slightly extra pleasure, although. Push the limits, dare to step out of your convenience zone. Shop at Poundland from time to time.


Err, u good enough hun?

Disclaimer for cappuccino drinkers: This article used to be written by way of one in all your sort. Please do not be angry. We will also be pompous arseholes in combination.

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