What the hell is a 'xennial', and how do I know if I am one?

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No quicker have we were given our head round ‘millennials’ (even though does somebody truly know if we qualify with out a nutritional reliance on avocado or a accountability for the dying of intercourse/ cinema/ marriage/ churchgoing?), and there is every other era to marvel if we are a part of. Say hi to the ‘xennials’. Of route, it’s a mix of ‘era X’ and ‘millennial’, however principally all phrases are mixed now (brunch, somebody?). Blame the millennials.

This in-between-y era loosely encompasses the ones born between 1977 and 1983. And with out giving for free too many non-public main points for the ones on-line scammers determined to con me out of my cash (a very Gen X concern), which technically is not mine as it is an overdraft (again to millennial) – I’m completely a part of it.

Too previous to be a millennial – it doesn’t matter what our Netflix account and restricted version running shoes say – and too younger for the ultimate wage pensions and Princess Diana nostalgia of Gen X, us xennials are a difficult lot. Want to know if you might be one, too? Here are some giveaways…

what the hell is a xennial and how do i know if i am one - What the hell is a 'xennial', and how do I know if I am one?
what the hell is a xennial and how do i know if i am one - What the hell is a 'xennial', and how do I know if I am one?


You say ‘Kylie’, we are saying ‘Minogue’

Mention Kylie to a Gen X’er and they’ll instantly let you know why Madonna is higher. Say it to a millennial and they’ll get started speaking about lip kits. A xennial is aware of it’s all about Kylie Minogue, and I Should Be So Lucky used to be most definitely the first unmarried you ever purchased.

We would possibly personal a flat

But we can unquestionably really feel to blame about it when speaking to buddies who hire. And we can bang on about how tiny and shit it is.

We didn’t have social media in class

And reward be for that. Sorry xennials, however we had been method uglier teenagers than our ever-so-slightly more youthful millennial opposite numbers (we could also be a teeny bit delicate about our age). Maybe it’s all the YouTube tutorials, or lipsticks being to be had in sunglasses rather than Heather Shimmer. Hell, possibly it truly is Maybelline. Whatever the reason why, we’re satisfied our early teenagers remained unimmortalised.

But we would possibly have at uni

99% folks came upon one thing referred to as The Facebook from the O.C. (FYI, it is in season 4, when Summer will get busted for her activism). And bleary mornings at college had been spent in the laptop lab, scrolling via that stressful woman’s album of 293 virtual digital camera footage (no cameraphones for a whilst but), entitled ‘a laugh nightz uni second 12 months’. Oh, and 93 tagged footage of you blinking awkwardly.

We pass out on a Monday night time

X’ers are too tousled from the weekend, millennials perform a Cinderella-style social curfew from Sunday to Thursday. Xennials suppose any night time of the week is tremendous for ‘a few drinks’.

We paid to visit college

We didn’t get all our schooling totally free, you know! Not like the ones didn’t know they had been born Gen X’ers.

Well, a bit

Okay, we left uni with the more or less debt you must most definitely repay through 30. Not 70.

Nikki & Pete have a particular position in our hearts

We grew up with fact TV prior to it used to be equivalent males in V-necks you must breast feed in, or interchangeable ladies dip-dyed quite a lot of sunglasses of orange with two golden retrievers instead of hair. Big Brother finals had been proven in golf equipment and Gareth Gates as opposed to Will Young used to be on the 10 o’clock information.

In quick, we are possibly a puzzled amalgamation of era X and millennials – or the absolute best of each worlds. Either method, I would not business being a xennial for all the lip kits in the land. Okay, possibly one.

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