We Tested a Bizarre Runway Trend to See If It’s Wearable

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Some traits simmer for months sooner than they achieve a boiling level in our collective awareness; others emerge absolutely cooked and in a position to devour in a topic of days. Colored tights fell definitively within the latter camp once they not too long ago emerged in completely digestible development shape, and thank goodness they did as a result of iciness is nearly over and I hate to assume how they’d have manifested in July. Body paint?

Fortunately, that query can stay safely rhetorical. Colored tights have been EVERYWHERE right through model month, each in side road genre roundups (see: Tamu McPherson, Thania Peck, Courtney Trop and Sai De Silva) and at the runways (see: Saks Potts, Adam Selman, Tom Ford, Shrimps, Dolce & Gabbana and Jacquemus), and thus they have been, fairly instantly, a “thing.”

But have been they a “thing” that might translate past the 4 weeks of style’s maximum balls-to-the-wall time of yr? Were they in truth wearable in an on a regular basis sense? Would other folks don them for plebeian actions starting from Wednesday morning conferences to Sweetgreen runs?

None of the ones questions are rhetorical — no longer anymore, a minimum of, as a result of Haley and I spent 3 days final week dressed in tights of the rainbow-hued selection to paintings, and we wrote up a complete file on our closely researched findings. Scroll down for our appears to be like and ideas, and meet us within the feedback for endured dialogue.

Day 1

we tested a bizarre runway trend to see if its wearable - We Tested a Bizarre Runway Trend to See If It’s Wearable

Harling: Perhaps my loss of forethought may also be excused given this was once my first day of coloured tights boot camp, however I stopped up absolutely panicking after I were given dressed that morning. I had no concept what to put on, even if I had bookmarked a couple of colored-tights inspiration Instagrams over the path of style week. I in the end determined to simply placed on an outfit I’d worn up to now and knew I preferred and easily upload the tights to it like a informal garnish.

The factor is, coloured tights aren’t garnishes. Their unbridled propensity for statement-making bears completely no resemblance to the sophisticated taste a sprig of parsley may impart upon a roast hen. Nay, the coloured tights are the hen. The outfit in reality has to be constructed round them, and no longer the opposite direction round. I discovered this lesson on day 1, and for that I’m endlessly thankful. In conclusion, I didn’t love this getup, however I used to be excited to check out once more.

Haley: I deliberate this outfit the evening sooner than as a result of I knew getting dressed within the morning would lead to a panicky crisis. Harling’s a a lot quirkier and extra colourful wardrobe than I’m, so I knew coloured tights could be extra of a stretch for me, style-wise. As I performed round in my closet, I quickly discovered that inexperienced tights have been specifically tricky to genre as a result of I didn’t love them with crimson or pink (the primary colours I’ve in my dresser past neutrals), nor did I really like them with black or white (very ’90s Hot Topic).

Once I spotted they labored smartly with grey (much less distinction), I grabbed the entirety grey I owned and put it on. I stopped up loving this outfit! The overwhelming grayness of it made the tights extra palatable and appear much less like a “pop of color” within the cliche sense.

Day 2

1520866870 179 we tested a bizarre runway trend to see if its wearable - We Tested a Bizarre Runway Trend to See If It’s Wearable

Harling: On day 2, I aroused from sleep ready and in a position to tackle a pair of kelly inexperienced tights like love hobby Kermit the Frog deserved and not were given. One of the Instagrams I bookmarked was once from Courtney Trop’s account that includes her in inexperienced tights, black high-heel sandals and a black get dressed. I do know what you’re considering: That outfit description sounds precisely just like the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. You’re no longer unsuitable! It does! However, I bookmarked the Instagram as a result of, regardless of the affiliation, it appeared undoubtedly sublime, in my humble opinion.

Or possibly “despite” is the unsuitable phrase; possibly it was once exactly as a result of of its witchiness that it appeared cool. Witches are recognized model icons, in the end. Hocus Pocus proved that lovely definitively, however I digress. I stopped up liking my outfit a lot, despite the fact that I did really feel the desire to provide an explanation for it right through a espresso I had scheduled that morning. (“I swear I don’t usually dress up my legs like green beans — this is for a story.”)

Haley: Another method I steer clear of the cliche “pop of color” is via going FULL COLOR. Wearing scorching crimson tights beneath this pink get dressed was once in truth the only outfit concept I had after we set out in this experiment. But styling in my head steadily fails me, and when I put them on, I used to be at a loss for a way to end the outfit. What ended up pushing me ahead was once a pair of silver apartments that presented simply the correct amount of conflict, which impressed me to upload my blue puffer and ultimately my pink sweater for a non-disruptive layer in between.

The Uggs got here into play after I had to get to paintings the day after a storm from snow. When I put them on, I assumed, Wait…are those higher? When I were given to paintings, Elizabeth and Harling insisted I put on them as a substitute of the silver ones, which I used to be positive with (method comfier), however I did really feel a bit like an off-duty superstar who didn’t need to be papped. I preferred this outfit despite the fact that! I didn’t really feel solely like myself, however I preferred being driven out of my convenience zone.

Day three

1520866872 798 we tested a bizarre runway trend to see if its wearable - We Tested a Bizarre Runway Trend to See If It’s Wearable

Harling: I determined to give the tights what they sought after on my final day and in reality leeeeean into lavender. This scrumptious puff of a coat from Saks Potts made that initiative rather seamless. This outfit was once such a deal with to put on across the community. Purple tights make customary actions like purchasing espresso and shelling out water from the watercooler really feel glamorous. When I went to Sweetgreen for lunch and stood in a line of other folks dressed in head-to-toe black, I felt like an eccentric superstar.

Haley: I knew for the final day that I sought after to check out dressed in tights with one thing as opposed to a get dressed as a result of I hardly put on clothes in my on a regular basis existence. But I discovered it strangely difficult to make tights-under-shorts no longer glance teenager-at-a-rock-concert. What ended up fixing that downside was once dressing them method the hell up: black turtleneck, white blazer, black loafers, attachable fur collar, crimson coat. All of it in combination ended up making this outfit really feel delightfully extravagant. It ended up being my favourite of the 3!

Final Word: Yay or Nay?

Harling: As a laugh as this experiment was once to behavior, I’m no longer positive I’d in truth put on coloured tights on a common, on a regular basis foundation. Perhaps it simply takes a while to acclimate to them or I would like to ease myself in with some much less saturated sun shades like light yellow or white. I will see why they have been a well-liked side road genre staple right through model week as a result of they may be able to take an outfit from 0 to 100 sooner than a feather boa, however this energy may also be difficult to wield on a random day in March while you’re status on a subway platform and simply need to mix in.

Haley: As for whether or not I’ll put on tights going ahead…possibly. It indubitably wasn’t EASY, and I nonetheless don’t assume tights are a highest fit for my extra informal/boyish genre. But they did made me have a look at my closet in a different way and way outfit-making from a unique approach, and that made the problem price it.

Lessons Learned?

Lesson #1: Style round the tights. They don’t seem to be a last-minute add-on.

Lesson #2: If you don’t need them to “pop” in an glaring or show-stealing method, pair them equivalent colours or a lot of colour normally.

Lesson #three: When doubtful, COMMIT.

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Photos via Edith Young.

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