VIDEO: Man Repeller Puts Madewell Jeans to the Test

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In partnership with Madewell

Tube-based ointments and toothpaste, I imagine, will have to be flattened, rolled and squeezed till there isn’t a speck of goo left that might be able to pop out. I additionally imagine that I’m really not a tube-based ointment (nor am I toothpaste). It’s curious then, isn’t it, that denims take a look at to deal with me like a toiletry? I’ve attempted on and buttoned pairs so tight they gave my chest the impact of a pushup bra — my midsection abdomen flesh had nowhere to cross except for instantly up towards my armpits, as even though any person have been making an attempt to make me remaining simply one day longer prior to they’d a possibility to run to the retailer. As such, I’ve turn out to be vigilant about checking out denim prior to any offending pair has a possibility to make it house with me.

When Man Repeller partnered with Madewell for a denim-happy collaboration, we proposed a video of crew MR hanging Madewell denims to the check. Madewell used to be like, “By all means — our jeans have been studying!” Then seven contributors of the crew had at it.

In the privateness of a dressing room, my very own check seems to be one thing like a mating ritual between unique birds, a Lamaze elegance, the P.E. regimen from 5th grade that I nonetheless every so often use to heat up prior to understanding, and a dance. Tightness — Can I stand? Can I breathe? Can I be a human, now not ointment? — isn’t the simplest factor I take a look at for, both. I want to know what the back-gap state of affairs is for the reason that my waist-to-butt radio has a tendency to purpose an unwelcome waistband pocket, one who threatens to reveal the space the place the excellent lord break up me and tempt twerp-y pals to shove snow down my pants. I want to know the denims will probably be nap-friendly in case I think a snappy sleep approaching out of nowhere. I want to know they may be able to stay a tucked blouse in position and that there’s a variety of room for extracurricular foods. If they’re white as adversarial to blue denim, I want the denims to now not divulge my birthday party lingerie. And will have to I be in a state of affairs the place a bunch picture is being taken and I’m in the entrance row blockading a pal of equivalent peak in the back of me, I’ve to know squat down low won’t simplest be conceivable however an all-around stress-free revel in.

After full of life rounds of checking out, the Madewell denims handed in flying colours (vintage blue, pale blue, white). See for your self. Then, in the feedback beneath, tell us your personal private model of a denim check.

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