The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

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One of essentially the most iconic haircuts to have ever graced males’s heads, the quiff has been giant (and large information) for the reason that 1950s, incomes it a spot within the follicular corridor of status along different icons of the barber’s chair together with the French crop, buzz minimize and quick again and aspects.

Splicing in combination components of the pompadour, flat peak and now and again even the mohawk, unafraid to make its voluminous presence felt, the amped-up quiff fits quite a lot of ages, face shapes and private kinds.

According to analyze, it’s additionally judged one of the most sexiest by way of ladies. When quizzed by way of styling product corporate Fudge on which haircut they’re in all probability to swipe proper to on courting apps, 28 in step with cent of the two,000 ladies requested picked the quiff.

The History Of The Quiff

The coiffure itself have been round for some years by the point it was widespread as a post-war response to army buzz cuts and flat wartime kinds. But it best was in reality iconic with the appearance of rock ‘n’ roll, when it was an in a single day badge of adlescent insurrection.

“As a style, it has always represented rebellion, and it screams confidence,” says ReeRee Rockette, proprietor of Rockalily Cuts. “It’s a hairstyle that literally takes up more space, so it makes you stand out and gets you noticed.”

The proven fact that the hair used to be piled upwards additionally intended that it had a herbal tendency to flop forwards, hard consistent consideration. That in itself was a part of the quiff’s iconic enchantment, with Elvis managing to show combing his hair in public into an act as sexually charged as a shake of the hips or a caress of the microphone.

This unabashed narcissism additionally liberated males from the tyranny of now not having to outwardly care about their look, laying the bottom for the grooming revolution we take with no consideration nowadays. Bottom line? It’s now not an exaggeration to mention that the quiff modified the process hair-story.

The Quiff VS The Pompadour

Arguments rage over how the quiff itself differs from different vintage cuts, such because the pompadour. As a common rule, the vintage quiff is much less showy than the type of top-heavy pomp sported by way of rock ‘n’ roll legend Little Richard and later Bruno Mars.

“In truth, there’s no black and white answer,” admits Devon-based barber Tom Chapman, founding father of psychological well being consciousness crew The Lions Barber Collective. “A typical quiff features short back and sides, and longer hair on top that’s swept upwards and backwards at the front. But this can be messy, straightened or brushed, making it a generally more versatile style. Pompadours are similar in that they take the hair off, up and away from the face, but are usually glossier and are very precise.”

While pomps, slightly actually, giant up all of the hair, quiffs predominantly focal point at the forelock (the hair simply above the brow) and in some instances, the remaining can stay quite flat.

“Ask your barber for a tapered cut with plenty of length on top and you can’t really go wrong,” says Chapman.

Choosing A Quiff Style

When it comes to picking your personal taste of quiff, one of the crucial necessary elements to think about (as with maximum cuts) is your face form. Fortunately, there may be an up-do for each dude, however they’re particularly just right for the ones browsing to lengthen a spherical face.

“Rounder faces tend to have little structure or prominent angles, so a square-shaped hairstyle with height such as a quiff or classic casual side part with some height will be flattering,” says superstar groomer Amy Komorowski, who has tended to the barnets of Eddie Redmayne and Ryan Reynolds.

Exercise warning in case you have a specifically skinny face, regardless that – the upper the hair, the extra angular and elongated it’ll make you glance. Instead, go for one thing a bit of extra unmarried tale than towering skyscraper. Since most current quiffs require shaving or fading on the aspects to emphasize what’s on peak, they don’t all the time glance nice on guys with greater ears, both.

“The beauty of the quiff is that, depending on the shape or how tight the sides are taken, it can look quite different on whoever is wearing it, so you can make the style your own,” says Steve Robinson from the Electric Hair Group. “The most modern take on the quiff is certainly to have the sides finished with a fade.”

Quiffs additionally paintings with maximum hair sorts, with the exception of the ones which might be very curly, excessively frizzy or very high-quality. “Movement creates texture, so wavy hair can be a godsend when creating a slightly more textured, messier look, but you can always use straighteners to achieve a more classic-looking quiff,” says Chapman, who suggests making an investment in smaller irons, which generally tend to paintings higher on shorter kinds.

Key Quiff Hairstyles For Men

The Classic Quiff

Despite being the earliest model of the coiffure, the vintage quiff has held its position as one of the crucial fashionable for many years.

As with any quiff (and any coiffure as opposed to a mullet, for that subject), the ageless minimize options shorter hair at the again and aspects than on peak. However, not like recent takes at the taste, the adaptation between the 2 is much less critical, giving it a softer really feel.

When sitting within the chair, inform the barber that you just’re after round four-to-five inches enlargement on peak, with reasonably extra left on the fringe. Ask for the hair on the aspects to be taken relatively quick, however now not disconnected, and with out a fade.

Due to the herbal weight of getting longer hair, don’t overdo it at the merchandise in relation to styling, as this will reason the hair to fall flat. “After washing, start by towel drying the hair and apply a small amount of matte paste as a pre-styling agent,” says Chapman. “Next, create [your quiff] using either your fingers or a comb while blow drying the hair to add volume.”

Finish the glance by way of running in a conventional pomade for extra definition and shine. Take a small quantity and rub it between your fingers and fingertips, then slick it via your hair from entrance to again.

the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

The Rockabilly Quiff

The pompadour is also the minimize that’s been getting all of the press lately, however in step with Chapman, it’s the quiff that’s more likely to keep the direction.

“The pomp is high maintenance, can be hard to style and often requires a heavy product, and lots of it,” he says. “The quiff, meanwhile, has been consistently popular for decades; partly because it’s more relaxed, and there are so many different variations which can be worn by anyone.”

One of the ones enduring kinds is the rockabilly quiff. The 1940s and 1950s minimize, widespread a number of the Greaser subculture of the time, has been worn by way of everybody from James Dean and Elvis Presley to Alex Turner and Zayn Malik.

“A traditional rockabilly quiff often has a side part, which can be shaved in, or combed,” says Rockette. “There’s also less height than with a pompadour and the hair around top is faded in.”

When discussing this taste, it’s additionally not unusual to listen to the time period ‘ducktail’, which refers to making a central parting with the aspect sections curled in.

Whichever making a decision to head for, pomade is your highest pal in relation to styling. “Warm the product up in your hands, smooth it through, and then comb,” says Rockette. “You’ll benefit from using a hairdryer, and you’ll definitely need a comb. I’m often amazed at how many men say they don’t own one.”

1509614177 171 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

The Undercut Quiff

A sharper, sleeker take at the old-school vintage, the undercut quiff keeps an original antique really feel, but in addition appears fashionable and edgy.

The taste works highest when there may be numerous hair on peak which will also be slicked again, however consider that, most often, the longer the hair is, the extra time it’s going to take to taste.

The undercutting itself will also be can both comfortable, with mild commencement, or critical, with the perimeters stored at one duration. In both case, it’s the disconnection and distinction between lengthy and quick that provides this glance its have an effect on.

“Ask your barber to disconnect the sides from the top, level with your recession point until the back of the ear,” says Chapman. “Choose the fade or taper style below the disconnection and create lots of texture through the top with length left for your quiff at the front.”

To create the feel, Chapman suggests making use of a salt spray when the hair continues to be damp and blow-drying it into form with the assistance of a spherical brush ahead of completing off with some matte clay product for separation.

1509614178 131 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

The Psychobilly Quiff

An exaggerated, virtually cartoonish model of the normal quiff with components of a mohawk, the psychobilly quiff (often referred to as the wedge quiff) has its origins within the fusion of rockabilly and punk.

“A psychobilly quiff is achieved by completely shaving the back and sides down to a zero, allowing a sculpted, reverse shark fin-style quiff left to take all of the glory,” says Rockette.

By that description by myself, it will have to be transparent that the extra excessive examples of this coiffure aren’t going to fly in each workplace. However, it’s imaginable to tone down the glance by way of making a looser, much less structured entrance, and holding the perimeters reasonably longer.

Whether styling it historically or for the Nine-Five, getting top at the quiff is essential. “You’ll need a hair dryer at the very least,” says Rockette. “And every single hair strand will need product on it to enable it to stand up straight, so you’ll need a comb [to work it through].”

A psychobilly quiff, like its rockabilly cousin, is highest styled the usage of a strong-hold pomade. This will lend a hand reach the stress and top wanted, however you’ll additionally want just a little lend a hand from a coating of hairspray, which can upload an additional protect in opposition to the forces of gravity.

1509614179 281 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

The Textured Quiff

A much less formal, extra comfortable take at the conventional quiff favoured by way of the likes of David Gandy, this model is much less about sleekness and shine and extra about matte texture.

“Because it’s less polished and less structured it’s easy to maintain and, depending on the length of the quiff, you can change up your style at any time,” says Saboo.

A textured quiff is very best for wintry weather, when blustery winds and just a little drizzle will most probably best make it glance higher. This inbuilt characteristic additionally makes it a perfect selection for guys with wavy or most often unruly hair.

“To achieve the look, have a barber clipper your hair short on the sides and back, fading into the longer hair on the top that’s point-cut with scissors for an uneven, textured look,” he says.

Though it is going to seem unfussy, the textured quiff takes a bit of of effort to get there. The first goal of the styling regimen is so as to add intensity and bulk, so do that with a texture powder or volumising spray added to the roots.

From there, Saboo suggests an excessively explicit method for attaining the specified finish outcome. “Rub a styling paste or soft clay between your fingers and hands, so the warmth of your palms makes the product more manageable. Then, twist the hair slightly at the sides of the crown, pushing it upwards, before passing your hands through the quiff until you are happy with the result and the quiff stays in place.”

1509614180 549 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

The Side-Parted Quiff

One method to render an current quiff in an instant smarter is to tone down its rebelliousness by way of running in a facet parting. While it’s imaginable to take action with maximum sorts of quiff, if it’s your full-time purpose, it’s value letting your barber know.

To create a facet parting, superstar hairstylist Asgar Saboo suggests the usage of your fingers and clean the product into the perimeters. “Comb the top section away from the parting, so there is a clean divide, then lift and shape the fringe into your desired style.”

If a fully polished glance is what you’re after, very best the end with the brush. Or, for a reasonably extra herbal outcome, tough it up just a little along with your arms for a extra rugged impact.

Equally, various other finishes will also be completed by way of merely changing your styling product. High-shine merchandise will channel Ivy League vibes whilst one thing matte will skew informal and recent.

1509614181 239 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

Essential Equipment


To ensure that your quiff is on level, get started by way of making an investment in a hair dryer. Look for a light-weight fashion with a fab atmosphere to steer clear of flame grilling your hair, which can reason it to look dry and brittle.

“The two stages for blow-drying is wet to dry and then hot to cold,” says Robinson, who additionally suggests blasting the hair with the cool shot button at the hairdryer for 10 seconds to lend a hand keep the completed glance in position.

1509614181 158 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

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Round Brush

Quiffs require considerably extra repairs than, say, a buzz minimize. So be ready to shell out on some elementary styling equipment like a spherical brush to tease the hair into form as you blow dry it.

Getting the most productive effects from a broom calls for some apply, particularly should you’re wielding a hair dryer with the opposite hand. “It’s all about gently working the brush through your locks while guiding the hair [into place],” says Chapman.

If going for a facet parting, you’ll additionally want a medium-sized comb to magnify your herbal side-parting and reach a sharper-looking end.

1509614182 374 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

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Paste And Pomade

The conventional styling assist for making a quiff is a high-shine pomade. The earliest sorts had been constituted of animal fats and subsequently needed to be scented with fruit (therefore the ‘pomme’ within the identify). Thankfully, nowadays’s water-based possible choices are much less messy, more straightforward to clean out of hair and far kinder in your pillowcase.

If shine isn’t your factor, go for a styling paste. “These are translucent, so hair looks and feels like hair but it keeps the style in place without being too oily or too dry,” says Robinson.

1509614182 547 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

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“For extra hold, spray a small amount of hairspray onto your round brush when blow-drying,” says Daniel Davies, common supervisor of London’s Pall Mall Barbers. “This gives a firm hold without the need to fill your hair with product and is a trick I often use on gents looking to achieve a quiff.”

1509614183 221 the ultimate guide to the quiff hairstyle - The Ultimate Guide To The Quiff Hairstyle

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