The Purse-Packing Strategy You Didn’t Know You Needed

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I omit back-to-school buying groceries such a lot. Every September, I might cross to Staples with my mother and cargo up a basket with brightly-colored folders, highlighters, mechanical pencils, notebooks, paper clips, binders and every now and then, if my outdated one used to be taking a look somewhat wiped out, a brand new backpack. I take note considering that my backpack and its contents had been imbued with an auspicious more or less superpower — a first-aid package primed and able to physician my brand-new-me, brand-new-school-year attainable.

I latterly got here to the belief that although I’m no longer at school any longer, I nonetheless collect “kits” for the more than a few seasons of grownup existence, without a doubt in a unconscious try to faucet into that very same auspicious superpower I regarded ahead to each and every college yr. The Volon’s purses are the best measurement and form to carry the contents of those care programs to and from myself, to not point out a major aesthetic improve from the nylon backpacks I used to lug round to elegance. More jewel field than toolbox, every bag is so colourful it kind of feels to be the precise lacking piece each and every relatively boring outfit puzzle may stand to get pleasure from, which is useful sufficient that the stuff within virtually doesn’t even topic. If you’re nonetheless within the temper to to snoop, scroll under to unpack the 3 kits I’m wearing this autumn.

Cozy Cafe Kit

the purse packing strategy you didnt know you needed - The Purse-Packing Strategy You Didn’t Know You Needed

This one has a distinct attraction to me as a author who will endlessly romanticize the theory of sitting in a New York City cafe on a grey September day, cloaked in a plaid cashmere shawl, running my means thru a guide, however I do consider it’s a universally acceptable fable for any person within the autumnal model of “self care.” I’m making plans to load up a bag with my tome of selection, a telephone charger as a result of I’m dedicated to squatting for AT LEAST part an afternoon, headphones in case I wish to take a destroy and concentrate to a podcast, free trade for splurging on no matter overpriced, pumpkin spiced baked excellent appears to be like interesting and almost definitely a thick pair of socks to house my inevitable urge to kick off my footwear and curl into myself like a plaid cashmere burrito.

Apple Picking Kit

1506007072 311 the purse packing strategy you didnt know you needed - The Purse-Packing Strategy You Didn’t Know You Needed

I think like an eight-year-old admitting this however I actually, deeply, in fact LOVE apple selecting. My buddies and I force to upstate New York each and every October and do it the old fashioned means: we traipse thru rows of timber in grimy footwear, stand on every different’s shoulders to succeed in the ripest choices, munch on piping sizzling apple cider donuts. This yr I’m coming ready with the apple selecting package to finish all apple selecting kits: an actual digital camera that screams nostalgia with each and every click on of the shutter, a Swiss military knife for carving up rogue apple slice tastings at the fly, hand sanitizer for hygienic snacking and a bandana in case my brow begins to sweat from the full of life plucking, all wrapped up in a cylindrical silver bag so glossy I will be able to test my apple-red lipstick in it for smearing.

Job Interview Kit

1506007072 578 the purse packing strategy you didnt know you needed - The Purse-Packing Strategy You Didn’t Know You Needed

Though I’m no longer lately interviewing for jobs, I’ve applied this actual package prior to now, and I will be able to’t counsel it extremely sufficient. In a handbag sufficiently big to carry an iPad, ideally (the power to behavior last-minute analysis is essential), pack your self a couple of what I really like to name “confidence glasses,” which would possibly or would possibly not in truth be prescription and would possibly or would possibly not come with a pearl croakie, a pad and pencil for note-taking, ibuprofen *simply in case* you get a tension headache (simply me??) and a excellent success attraction of a few sort, like a couple of fortunate undies, in all probability, or a pitcher elephant. Whatever floats your bag’s boat.

In a pinch, even though, your home keys and pockets will all the time do the trick.

Photography: Louisiana Mei Gelpi
Creative Direction: Emily Zirimis. 

In partnership with The Volon, practice on Instagram @TheVolon.

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