The Meat-Eating Connoisseur’s Guide To Steak

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Like making fireplace, shaking a signature cocktail and converting a tyre, cooking the very best steak is a lifestyles talent each guy wishes in his day by day arsenal. Trouble is, each alpha male alive additionally thinks his steak is the finest.

To truly again up that declare, you wish to have the facility to wax lyrical about several types of steak, why feed impacts flavour and the way the getting older procedure works. And sure, it’s a must to serve up a work of meat this is higher than intercourse. Below, one of the vital UK’s supreme butchers and steak cooks give an explanation for all of it, providing you with a reusable clip of dinner celebration ammo that may serve you smartly for lifestyles.

Choosing Your Cut

The Shop

Selecting what’s going in your plate starts at your butcher’s door. “Take a moment to think about your shop. It should smell slightly sweet, the displays should be clean, as should the staff. A butcher who takes pride in his appearance will inevitably apply these principles to his work,” says Richard Turner, workforce head chef for Hawksmoor, one of the most UK’s supreme steakhouses.

The Chat

It’s all about appearing somewhat of passion. Butchers are convivial chaps – they’re handiest too satisfied to speak about the kinds of steak on be offering. “Ask what breed the animal is, where was it farmed, what it ate, how old it was at slaughter, how long it has been hung and – most importantly – if he has tasted it and if can he recommend it,” says Turner. “Enter a dialogue and treat it like a first date. It’s a life-long relationship you are after.”

the meat eating connoisseurs guide to steak - The Meat-Eating Connoisseur’s Guide To Steak

The Selection

Steak, in contrast to hen and beef, is a kind of meat that you’ll be able to inform so much from, simply by taking a look. There are quite a lot of visible cues to evaluate: “You want a deep red colour, which shows that it has been dry-aged,” says Grant Martin of boutique London butcher Parson’s Nose.

“There should be a slightly darker edge on the outside of the fat. This shows that it’s been aged properly and that the blood has passed through the meat with oxygen, causing the lactic acid build up that adds flavour to the meat. Steak that is sold too fresh after the kill is bright pink, tastes of very little and is tough to eat.”

While you’ll by no means get as nice high quality or the similar stage of recommendation in a grocery store, you’ll be able to follow the similar ideas. Don’t really feel unhealthy about touching it during the plastic. If you poke it and it leaves a finger mark, in addition to feeling rainy and comfortable, it’s now not been elderly correctly.

The Feed

Grass-fed satisfied cows will style higher than those that’ve been on a grain vitamin. It additionally way they’re going to were reared maximum in their lives outside, playing daylight. “A yellowy tinge to the fat is a good thing,” says Jonny Farrell, head butcher on Jimmy’s Farm. “It comes from the carotene the cow has digested from eating grass. The best steak I’ve had, from 18-year-old ex-dairy cows, had a stunning deep amber quality to it.”

The Marble

Marbling – the tie dye-style white trend inside the meat – is essential to flavour. “You want a nice even spread of marbling throughout steak,” says Martin. “Any marbling patterns towards the outside of the cut suggests that it has been fattened quickly prior to slaughter. If the meat is too dark in colour, a deep black or red, it could be a sign that the animal was stressed before the kill and then the meat will eat tough.”

1519208405 751 the meat eating connoisseurs guide to steak - The Meat-Eating Connoisseur’s Guide To Steak

The Basics Of Cooking A Steak

The maximum vital factor relating to cooking a steak – or another meat, for that subject – is to ensure it’s at room temperature earlier than it hits the warmth, a procedure known as ‘tempering’. Leaving it out for 30 mins pre-cooking is ready proper for the very best reduce, which is 350g and 4cm thick.

“It’s a common mistake to season before cooking, as this draws out moisture,” says Michael Reid, head chef of M Restaurants. “You want a pan so sizzling that it’s smoking and you’ll be able to’t cling your hand close to it. Place it into the pan and go away it – if it’s sizzling sufficient it received’t stick. Season the face-up aspect closely with Maldon sea salt and contemporary black pepper.

“Once you’re beginning to get a pleasing color, upload a few cubes of butter to the pan and decrease the temperature. Tilt the pan clear of you and scoop up the melted butter with a spoon. Baste the steak with this liquid up to you’ll be able to – you’re pumping in flavour,” says Reid. “Flip it after three minutes for medium rare and repeat the process on the other side. Drop in a sprig of thyme to add flavour to the butter.”

Then to leisure. Resting is important to cooking all kinds of steak because it provides the reduce time to redistribute moisture and provides the juicy, butter-like texture you’re after. “A simple rule is to rest it for as long as you cooked it,” says Reid. “Wrap it loosely in some foil on a chopping board so it doesn’t lose too much heat.”

1519208406 9 the meat eating connoisseurs guide to steak - The Meat-Eating Connoisseur’s Guide To Steak

Types Of Steak

Quick Jump: Rump | Ribeye | Sirloin | Fillet | T-bone or Porterhouse | Bavette or Goose Skirt | Onglet or Hanger Steak | Flat Iron | Chateaubriand


Aka: Culotte (actually, ‘trousers’) in France and (confusingly) sirloin in the United States.

Found: On the animal’s bottom.

What To Look For: You received’t see a lot marbling because it’s a lean reduce – the rump does extra paintings than different portions of the animal – however be certain yours has been reduce in opposition to the grain. It wishes quite a lot of striking time to increase flavour, a minimum of 22 days. The preferrred dimension is ready two inches thick.

Taste: The best-value, on a regular basis form of steak. It’s filled with flavour, however because it’s a running reduce, it calls for additional care when cooking and isn’t one to take uncommon.

How To Cook It: It wishes at least 3 mins on each and every aspect with quite a lot of basting. As it’s a muscular reduce, you wish to have to wreck down the fibres with warmth and fats to ensure it’s comfortable. Resting is important right here, too.


Aka: Spencer within the States and most often served bone-in.

Found: On the fore rib of the cow. The ribeye segment spans from ribs six thru to 12.

What To Look For: A nice instance must be smartly marbled with a central layer of fats operating thru. A large outdated hunk of fats at the nook suggests professional butchery and can assist cooking.

Taste: Its fats content material brings the flavor. “It’s our most popular cut,” says Hawksmoor’s Turner. “It’s great on the barbecue as it benefits from a nice hit of smoke.”

How To Cook It: As it’s a little-worked reduce, you’ll be able to consume it as uncommon as you dare. Get the pan as sizzling as you assume it could possibly move, then give it any other 30 seconds earlier than frying. If it’s now not spitting and screaming while you cook dinner it, it’s now not sizzling sufficient.


Found: From the middle-back segment of the beast, protecting the backbone.

What To Look For: The sirloin responds brilliantly to getting older. Some butchers surrender to 60 days to permit it to increase an additional beefy flavour. These kinds of steak might be darkish pink, however don’t settle for anything else with a inexperienced, virtually slimy deposit because it way it has began to wreck.

Taste: According to legend, King James I used to be so inspired with this reduce he anointed it ‘Sir Loin’ in 1617 and it’s caught ever since. An excellent stability of fats to muscle way the melt-in-the-mouth texture is more straightforward to reach. “Even if you don’t like to eat the fat, make sure you cook it with it on,” says Martin of Parson’s Nose. “Allow it to do its work, then cut it off after cooking, if you really have to.”

How To Cook It: You wish to correctly render the fats, this means that a super-hot pan. Keep cooking till the fats has taken on a golden brown color all of the width of the steak. Take it uncommon, medium, or smartly accomplished, simply be certain it’s rested for the length that it had within the pan.


Aka: Filet Mignon within the States and Filet du Boeuf in France.

Found: Inside the sirloin, operating alongside the aspect of the animal’s backbone.

What To Look For: You received’t to find any marbling right here – this muscle does no paintings in any respect. You’re after a deep reduce of a an identical width, so it chefs at a good fee.

Taste: It’s the leanest, costliest reduce and widespread amongst gym-goers. However, its loss of fats way much less flavour and it doesn’t get pleasure from striking or getting older, as there’s no fats to wreck down. It works smartly with fatty sauces, like Diane or peppercorn.

How To Cook It: Cook it uncommon or medium fee and opt for a medium warmth with quite a lot of basting. As it’s so lean it could possibly simply grow to be difficult because the fibres tighten, so watch out to not overcook.

T-Bone Or Porterhouse

Found: The decrease center of the animal. It’s phase sirloin and phase fillet with the 2 cuts divided through the ‘T’ of bone.

What To Look For: This reduce takes professional butchery, so be certain the whole thing appears to be like even and cleanly reduce. Straight strains and good-sized parts of each steaks make a nice steak.
Taste: The supreme of each worlds. You’ve were given the leanness of the fillet contrasted with the fats of the sirloin. Ready you greatest pan.

How To Cook It: The two other cuts require other cooking occasions, so it may be difficult. Your supreme guess is to have the butcher go away the bone in. Sear the entire thing in a sizzling pan, then switch to a 200°C oven for 10 mins to ensure the whole thing is correctly cooked and comfortable.

Bavette Or Goose Skirt

Aka: Flank within the States and France.

Found: The finish of the interior flank, simply above the liver and kidney, sitting over the abdominal.

What To Look For: An even, flat sheet of meat, with a virtually rope-like texture and nice, even marbling. You can be expecting excellent price for those, as the United Kingdom is handiest simply beginning to undertake it.

Taste: Arguably the best-tasting reduce when correctly ready. Fat and muscular tissues in highest unity to create a complete flavoured, meaty steak that’s good at the barbeque.

How To Cook It: These get pleasure from tenderising through marinating in a single day. Try olive oil, soy sauce, lime juice, salt and coriander and go away it in a freezer bag within the refrigerator. Bring up room temperature and cook dinner on a searing warmth for 4 mins on all sides.

Onglet Or Hanger Steak

Found: Next to the diaphragm, operating during the centre of the animal.

What To Look For: A an identical ropey texture to bavette and don’t be get rid of through its asymmetric nature. You desire a skinny, flat near-circle of meat.

Taste: Huge intensity of flavour and a slight offally tang because it’s so with regards to the animal’s organs. A real meat lover’s reduce and widespread amongst any person who holidayed to France within the nineties. Serve with French fries and a stubby glass of vin rouge for the entire impact.

How To Cook It: This works smartly butterflied to create a skinny sheet of meat that may be served great uncommon. Try two mins on all sides and quite a lot of seasoning.

Flat Iron, Oyster Blade Or Butler’s Steak

Found: On the shoulder blade.

What To Look For: This must be reduce with the grain with somewhat of fascia membrane hooked up – don’t let this put you off when purchasing, however reduce it off previous to cooking.

Taste: It might be a bit of difficult and a bit of chewy, however the flavour (and its affordable price ticket) makes up for it.

How To Cook It: Never serve it past medium. Because of its density, it’ll take relatively longer to cook dinner – say, 8 mins. Start it in a sizzling pan and cut back the warmth, to ensure it’s cooked all through.


Found: On the tail of the fillet – the costliest reduce within the butcher’s window.

What To Look For: A thick-cut cannon of steak that has even dimension throughout its period.

Taste: This is the very best sharing steak. It’s as comfortable as a fillet with the flavor of a sirloin – now not with large meaty flavours and texture like butter when cooked correctly.

How To Cook It: It’s additional lean, so advantages from the addition of copious butter. Heat a sizzling pan and sear it on all edges. As it’s cylinder formed, use tongs to ensure each and every edge will get golden-brown color. Finish it for 14 mins in an 180C oven and slice into two-inch rounds earlier than serving.

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