Teen Boy Wears Crop Top To Make A Point About Sexist School Dress Codes

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With the entire speak about faculty get dressed codes being sexist, one younger guy sought after to check the idea for himself. Phil Rodriguez, a senior at Hueneme High in California, did simply that via going to college in an off-the-shoulder crop best — a piece of writing of clothes that’s prohibited at his faculty as it presentations shoulders and abdomen.

He tweeted footage of his outfit, the white blouse now not even starting to duvet his stomach, collarbone, or shoulder; his undies additionally caught out from the waist of his denims.

“Told y’all I would do it, catch me tomorrow wearing this to see if I get dress coded,” he wrote two weeks in the past.

By the time 3rd length rolled round, he reported, all he were given have been little warnings, “but nothing serious.”

He up to date his fans right through 6th length as neatly. “UPDATE: I’m in 6th period water polo and I have not gotten dress coded. The day is practically over now. I think we all have our answer.”

“What made me want to do this was the fact that women in my school get dress-coded so often for showing a little shoulder or some stomach area — I feel that they are sexualizing women’s bodies,” Phil, 17, tells Yahoo Style. “In the school’s defense, they say it’s ‘distracting’ and we students can’t learn because of the way these women dress. [But] I’ve never been asked if how women dressed affected my education.”

Most of the comments he were given on his outfit used to be actually sure.

“Most of the women encouraged me to keep it going, and they admired that I would ever do such a thing,” he says. “I walked in front of administration and nothing happened. I am a very talkative person, I make great connections with staff, so I didn’t hide myself from them. I talked with a lot of them to see if I would get dress-coded, and I feel they took my outfit as a joke.” But to Phil, who admits he did glance slightly foolish, the purpose of doing this used to be the rest however.

“I felt like something needed to be done, and the majority wanted me to keep it going. So I went the whole day wearing it. I did not get dress-coded,” he says.

Phil isn’t the one younger guy becoming a member of the combat towards sexist get dressed codes. When many feminine scholars from San Benito High School have been punished for dressed in off-the-shoulder shirts, their male classmates made up our minds to protest the enforcement of the rule of thumb via dressed in precisely that.

Phil isn’t giving up both. “I might do it again,” he says. “I don’t think my full message has gone through. And I might get some more guys to do it with me. They would love to do it.”

It’s at all times encouraging to peer youngster guys supporting their feminine classmates.

This tale used to be in the beginning printed on Yahoo Lifestyle.


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