Read This Before Trying Blake Lively’s Hair Mask Trick

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read this before trying blake livelys hair mask trick - Read This Before Trying Blake Lively’s Hair Mask Trick

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I used to be stunned to seek out myself mendacity beneath my covers at 1 a.m. looking “How to do a mayonnaise hair mask” on Google, however lifestyles is a field of sweets and also you by no means know what attractiveness fixations you’re gonna get.

My break up ends have just lately entered post-summer, post-beach disaster mode in which my commonplace hair care regimen is failing to stay them in take a look at. The keratin remedy I were given in August helped so much, however I’m nonetheless searching for growth within the “silkiness” division, particularly as a result of my hair may be very dry on the whole.

That’s how I discovered myself studying about mayo. The impetus for this actual break up ends resolution got here courtesy of Blake Lively, the mermaid hair queen herself: “My mom taught me this really great beauty tip,” Lively instructed Byrdie. “She used to put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before she would shower. That way, when she would shampoo, the soap wouldn’t strip the bottom of the hair and dry it out, making it brittle.”

Upon additional analysis, I discovered that mayonnaise is a well-liked DIY hair remedy as it comprises components like lemon juice, vinegar and soybean oil, which include fatty acids and nutrients that may spice up shine and seal in moisture.

The factor is, I hate mayonnaise. I haven’t had it since I used to be in basic college and my pal’s mother made us sandwiches on Wonder Bread with bologna and mayo. I took one chew, and all I tasted was once slime. (My dad, then again, loves it. When he makes his personal tuna salad with it, I’ve to go away the room.) So you’ll see my quandary when faced with the chance of smothering my hair with it, my split-end urgency however.

Just when I used to be about to pack it in, an InStyle article entitled “Tony Moly Mayo Hair Mask Review” stuck my eye. Tony Moly is a well-liked Korean cosmetics emblem, so the combo of that title plus “mayo hair mask” perked up my sleep-deprived antennae.

“Tony Moly’s Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack […] could easily be confused for an actual bottle of mayonnaise,” writes InStyle. “Though the texture and color is strikingly similar to the real deal, Haeyo Mayo smells nothing like mayonnaise. Instead, it smells like creamy, velvety vanilla and macadamia nut. Also, because it’s formulated with shea butter and egg yolk extract, two ingredients that are highly moisturizing, it makes hair super soft and shiny.”

A mayonnaise hair masks with out the mayonnaise! It sounded too just right to be true, and I suppose it’s, as it was once totally bought out at the Tony Moly site (ed observe: Tony Moly has since restocked, nevertheless it’s additionally to be had on Amazon). Luckily I used to be in a position to name in a press pattern to provide it a whirl A.S.A.P.

I fell in love once I squirted it into my palm. Seriously. It smelled that just right. I determined at the spot that although it did not anything for my break up ends, I’d nonetheless rub it all over the place the remainder of my frame on a daily basis for eternity, no longer kidding.

I didn’t have to fret about that, even though, as it indubitably did one thing for my break up ends. A number of one thing. I may inform once my hair dried. The have an effect on wasn’t visibly noticeable sufficient to turn up in a “before & after” sort picture, however I may really feel the variation after I touched my hair. The ends have been considerably much less frizzy and nearly “pillow-y” feeling, if that is smart. I couldn’t imagine how cushy they felt.

Tony Moly’s Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack has earned an enduring position in my hair care regimen, and perhaps additionally my fridge as a a laugh trick. Real mayonnaise can keep proper the place it belongs: out of my hair, within my dad’s tuna salad.

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