Leah Remini Suggests Scientology Is Behind Paul Haggis Sexual Misconduct Claims

Actress Leah Remini is protecting screenwriter and director Paul Haggis towards allegations of sexual misconduct through suggesting Scientology involvement.

Remini, in an open letter with Mike Rinder, her co-host on “Scientology and the Aftermath,” revealed on Rinder’s website online, means that the Church of Scientology, which she impulsively left in 2013 after training since an early age, could have had a hand in accusations towards Haggis. 

Haggis, additionally a former church member and now outstanding critic of Scientology, has been accused through 4 ladies of sexual misconduct and attack. The director’s former publicist, Haleigh Breest, mentioned he raped her in December 2013, which ended in a $nine million lawsuit towards the “Crash” director. Haggis later counter-sued, claiming intentional infliction of emotional misery. 

“Paul Haggis deserves, based on his record as a gentleman and humanitarian, to be judged when all the evidence has been taken under penalty of perjury in a court of law,” Remini and Rinder write. “Because claims of anonymous accusers who have NOT gone to law enforcement are not credible.”

leah remini suggests scientology is behind paul haggis sexual misconduct claims - Leah Remini Suggests Scientology Is Behind Paul Haggis Sexual Misconduct Claims

Remini and Rinder don’t explicitly characteristic the sexual misconduct claims to lively Scientologists. But they be aware that the church collects doubtlessly harmful data on fans, and speculate that subject material accumulated on Haggis may well be used towards him to “conjure a string of accusers.” Haggis has publicly slammed Scientology on Remini’s collection, in addition to within the documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.”

“We expect the next ‘revelations’ about Paul Haggis in this campaign to destroy him to be based on information culled from his scientology files in the form of more ‘anonymous’ accusers, hiding behind a lawyer who will never have to disclose who is paying their bill,” Remini and Rinder write. 

“Those who accuse with out going to regulation enforcement, those that search hush cash to stay their tales secret, those that make accusations to the media anonymously – they are suspect,” they proceed. “And when the objective of those techniques is any person who’s a outstanding critic of scientology, it’s very suspect.”

Haggis vehemently denies sexual misconduct. A consultant mentioned the church has “been attacking him for years with false accusations.”

After information of the sexual misconduct claims towards Haggis, actress Kirstie Alley, a Scientologist, wrote along a document on Twitter, “This is gonna be an interesting year for the bad guys.”

The Church of Scientology has denied the insinuations through Remini and Rinder of church involvement within the allegations towards Haggis.

“Leah Remini, Paul Haggis and Mike Rinder have predictably thrown up a reprehensible smokescreen to turn horrific sexual assault and rape allegations made against Haggis by four women into a bigoted attack about their former religion,” a consultant for the church instructed Deadline in a commentary. “To be clear, the Church has never met the women in this case nor their attorneys and knows nothing about the accusations against Haggis other than what has appeared in press reports and public court documents.”

Women who’ve accused Haggis of sexual misconduct deny any reference to the Church of Scientology, in keeping with The Associated Press.

Read Remini and Rinder’s complete letter right here. 


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