Josh Hartnett Isn't Interested In Being A Part Of The New 'Halloween' Remake

Back in the summertime of 1998, a fresh-faced, gap-toothed Josh Hartnett hit the scene in “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.” The 20-year-old used to be unknown on the time, however used to be set to grow to be the brand new “it” man of his technology. 

Now that information of some other “Halloween” remake has surfaced, many enthusiasts have been questioning if the actor could be again to reprise his function as Laurie Strode’s son, John, since Jamie Lee Curtis herself could be returning for the impending movie, due out in October of subsequent yr. 

Well, Hartnett hasn’t ever been large on sequels, and obviously isn’t about to embody nostalgia now. 

“I’m pretty much always looking forward. That’s not something I would be looking to be a part of, but it’s not that I didn’t have a great time,” Hartnett informed HuffPost when requested if he’d ever believe showing within the reboot.  

“I had a great time working with Jamie and I think she’s fantastic, but the whole thing about self-determination is something that’s really important to me,” the actor persisted, alluding to his determination to take a ruin on the top of his reputation within the early 2000s. “I think if you’re on autopilot in your life, by definition you’re not actively making decisions, so therefore probably really not actively involved in your life as you could be. I like to be as awake as possible, and so I just … that whole just going along for the ride, being grateful that you are a movie actor and allowing people to push you down the path of doing all the things that are expected of you, doesn’t seem as active to me as I’d like it to be. I like to sort of do my own thing, and have done. I’m proud of that, I guess.” 

josh hartnett isnt interested in being a part of the new halloween remake - Josh Hartnett Isn't Interested In Being A Part Of The New 'Halloween' Remake

Although he had fast good fortune with movies like “H20,” “The Faculty” and “The Virgin Suicides,” Hartnett felt Hollywood used to be manipulating his symbol. He sought after to veer left at the trail somebody else used to be paving for him. 

“The first film that I was offered was ‘The Faculty,’ not ‘Halloween: H20,’” Hartnett defined to HuffPost of his step forward gig, joking that he used to be “a stickler for clarity.”

“Rob Rodriguez gave me my first jump job and they were both Miramax and Dimension at the time. They saw a way to package me and make me sort of their young, new guy. So they said, ‘OK, you can do ‘The Faculty’ if you do ‘H20’ as well.′ So I was shooting them both simultaneously. ‘H20’ came out before ‘Faculty,’ though.”

After happening to famous person in big-budget movies like “Pearl Harbor” and “Black Hawk Down,” the “6 Below” actor determined to take his profession, and lifestyles, into his personal fingers. “Not because the industry is a difficult one to be in — and why would I give that up?” he mentioned. “To me, that’s not the point. Anybody in any walk of life deciding to go their own way because they recognize that it’s their only shot, really, it’s their only life ― that, to me, is what it’s all about.” 

So despite the fact that you received’t get to peer him bloodied and shirtless in a “Halloween” remake, you will see Josh Hartnett, that’s for rattling certain. 

His new film, “6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain,” hits theaters Oct. 13. 

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