How I got my process… as a neuroscientist 🔬

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Welcome to Glamour’s weekly column, How I Got My Job, that includes one lady with an awesome process, and the actual path to get it. Looking for occupation inspo? For this week’s instalment, neuroscientist Dr Molly Crockett stocks her CV…

how i got my job as a neuroscientist 🔬 - How I got my process... as a neuroscientist 🔬
how i got my job as a neuroscientist 🔬 - How I got my process... as a neuroscientist 🔬


Who? Dr Molly Crockett, 30

What? An award-winning neuroscientist. She’s a lecturer at Oxford University, the place her analysis comes to learning the mind to know extra about human interplay and battle.

The CV:

Education: Psychobiology, University of California (UCLA)

“When I was 12, I found a book called What Remains To Be Discovered and I knew right then that I wanted to be a scientist. The interest in neuroscience came from seeing a few close friends suffer from mental illness. There’s still so much we don’t know about the brain.”

2006-2011: PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge

“My interest in serotonin and social behaviour took me to Cambridge University, one of the few places researching that specific aspect of brain chemistry. I planned to stay for two years, but then I made a discovery that low serotonin levels make us more likely to take revenge. This finding propelled my career forwards and convinced me to stay at Cambridge to finish my PhD.”

2011-2012: Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Zurich

“I applied to the Wellcome Trust to fund my postdoctoral studies – they support biomedical research, but suggest you spend time abroad in a different field. So I chose Switzerland, working with economists: they study social behaviour, but very differently to how I had. At times it felt like a mistake. I had to learn a new field, I spoke no German, I wasn’t publishing great papers. But when I got back home, I realised how much stronger being out of my depth made me.”

2012-2014: Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, University College London

“I started two new projects on social interaction: 1) How we decide whether to help people, and, 2) How we learn if people are nice or nasty. Gathering data for studies like this can take up to a year and when you get the result, it’s common for it to reveal nothing exciting. But you savour the moments it does.”

2013-present: Lecturer, Department of Experimental Psychology, Jesus College, University of Oxford

“I’m now a lecturer, and I’ll often look around a conference and be the only female speaker. I’ve never been treated unfairly, but this awful voice in your head thinks, ‘Have they only invited me to fill a quota?’ There’s a condition called ‘stereotype threat’, where the more you get reminded of a stereotype, the more it happens. We need more visible examples of young women getting to the top.”

Molly’s existence classes

  1. Most other people fall into science: they do a stage, then a masters, then a PhD. But should you’re , manner professors and ask if you’ll lend a hand out. Science isn’t well-funded, we’re all the time in search of volunteers. It’s a nice technique to get an ‘in’.
  2. Read as a lot as you’ll. The very best scientists have the most productive questions. And the extra you’ve learn on a matter, the simpler positioned you’ll be to grasp what wisdom gaps want filling.
  3. I’ve in point of fact needed to paintings on my conversation abilities. After one communicate, somebody mentioned, “Great content, but you were so nervous.” I realised my concepts had no affect if I couldn’t keep up a correspondence them. So I took a stand-up comedy direction; lectures have felt a breeze since.
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