Easy health hacks to help you fend off bugs & germs

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Here’s to not more ill days. Well, no longer those the place you’re in reality ill anyway. Germs do not stand an opportunity this season, with GLAMOUR’s information to staying sniffle-free and smiling…

Determined to stay us all wholesome and satisfied, we consulted the professionals, pored over the newest analysis and examined the goods with maximum promise. Consider this your germ-busting, mood-boosting, cold-fighting information to protective your self – and taking motion if sickness moves…


Here’s a heads-up: you’re much more likely to catch a chilly within the morning, says analysis via the University of Cambridge. Apart from being extra-vigilant about hand-washing and sneezers, upload those best guns to your arsenal:

  1. BLACK ELDERBERRY JUICE This is filled with antioxidants and has a artful twin motion when it comes to viruses. Its lively substances can help give protection to wholesome cells, whilst deactivating the viral an infection. Studies display it may possibly shorten the length of an sickness, too. Find it in Boots, at the side of immune-system-boosting zinc and diet C, in Sambucol Immuno Forte (£nine.79 for 120ml).
  2. ECHINACEA Yes, you’ve most certainly heard of this conventional natural treatment, however science truly does again its cold-fighting clout. We discovered it helps and complements immunity when wanted, says Dr Margaret Ritchie, vitamin scientist on the University of the West of Scotland. It additionally has a potent antiviral motion and decreases irritation all over the physique. Best of all, you can use it how and when you like – some other people take it year-round for defense, others do after the primary sniffle. Try a Vogel Echinaforce in pill shape (£13.49 for 120) or as a relaxing sizzling drink (£19.99 for 100ml, each from Holland & Barrett).
  3. COLDZYME A brand new mouth spray in line with enzymes that damage the proteins in a chilly virus. Clinical trials display it bureaucracy a protecting barrier over your throat – the hub the place the an infection multiplies – and binds to viruses, serving to to banish them (£14.39 for 20ml, Boots).

Flu jab helpdesk

Harley Street GP Dr Dawn Harper provides the lowdown…

Q: Should you get one? Not if you’re a median twenty- to thirty-something who is are compatible and neatly. If flu moves, the fever and whole-body muscle and joint pain will flooring you (I am speaking two weeks out), however you’ll get better and be advantageous.

Q: Who’s observed as ‘in peril’ then? “Flu can be more serious for people who are pregnant, under seven, over 65, have weak immunity or underlying health conditions (including asthma) or work in health and social care, so you’ll be offered a free flu vaccination every winter. And take it – the NHS is under strain, so it’s not in the habit of handing out unnecessary drugs. If you’re not eligible but you feel you need one – say, if you really can’t afford time off work – you can find a pharmacist or private GP and buy one.”

Q: Why do the ones in peril want one once a year? Because we tweak the vaccine every year to goal the traces of flu virus the World Health Organization (WHO) deems maximum virulent. And viruses mutate at all times, so there is not any ensure you would possibly not catch a special pressure of flu from the ones you’ve been vaccinated towards.

Q: Will it give you flu? No! This is the most important delusion to transparent up – it does not include any lively viral parts. If you fall sick after having the jab, neatly, that is only a accident, and anything you have been incubating prior to the needle went in.


We now know that seasonal affective dysfunction (SAD), a kind of melancholy that comes and is going in a seasonal trend, is extra of a ‘spectrum’ than a collection sickness. Recent YouGov analysis discovered eight% folks revel in vintage SAD signs: debilitating loss of power, melancholy and diminished immunity, and 21% get ‘sub-syndromal’ SAD – which means a drop in temper however you can nonetheless serve as in most cases. That’s just about a 3rd of other people feeling low till spring – however there may be help.

SEE YOUR GP if the above signs seem with the trade in season. Talking treatments, akin to counselling and cognitive behavioural remedy (CBT), may also be extraordinarily helpful, says Stephen Buckley, head of knowledge at mental-health charity Mind. Antidepressants could also be prescribed for other people with serious SAD.

LET THE LIGHT IN with mild remedy, which comes to day-to-day publicity to an excessively brilliant specialist daylight-simulating lamp. It may also be up to 80% efficient. Go for one who emits no less than 10,000 lux (a measure of the depth of visual mild), pop it to your table or via your settee, and use for no less than 30 mins an afternoon. (Find the most productive vary at lumie.com.) All folks, SAD or no longer, must get out into herbal mild up to conceivable, says Buckley. Don’t be tempted via apps claiming to treatment you with blue mild emitted out of your telephone, as there is not any clinical proof they paintings, he provides.

FUEL UP DURING WINTER with a wholesome, balanced vitamin filled with fruit and greens. Carbs don’t seem to be your enemy, however keep away from natural sugars and white starches, says Dr Harper. Instead, opt for wholegrain sorts, pulses, nuts and seeds to stay blood sugar and insulin – and due to this fact your temper and effort – ranges extra strong.

SHIELD YOURSELF with Omega-Three and diet B12 dietary supplements, which get advantages some other people, says Buckley. Clinical trials are these days going down on the University of Vienna to see if taking diet D dietary supplements (the nutrient our our bodies produce on publicity to daylight) would possibly strengthen signs. As one in 5 UK adults is poor, it can not harm to take more.

Try one spritz of DLux1000 Vitamin D Oral Spray day-to-day (£6.95 for 15ml/100 sprays, betteryou.com).


Hands so freezing other people name you Elsa? Fingers and ft that every so often move numb or tingly, then harm like hell? Fingers or ft that flip white, then blue then purple?

DIAGNOSIS Raynaud’s (pronounced ‘ray nostril’) phenomenon – a lesser-known situation that is in reality as not unusual as hay fever, affecting one in 5 other people.

WHAT IS IT? “Raynaud’s is where the blood vessels that supply your extremities (normally your hands and/or feet) go into spasm for a few minutes, or up to a few hours,” explains GP Dr Tatiana Lapa. “Blood flow is temporarily cut off, colour drains from the skin and you get numbness, pins and needles or sometimes pain.” It’s extra an uncomfortable sensation than a deadly sickness, however for a small collection of other people, it may be the signal of an underlying autoimmune situation akin to scleroderma. “This is when the body overproduces collagen, which can cause hardening of the skin, joints and internal organs, and that’s what can be life-threatening,” says Sue Farrington, leader government of Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK). “So see your GP and have this ruled out.”

IS THERE A CURE? No, however you can scale back the frequency and severity of assaults via no longer smoking (which reasons blood vessels to constrict extra) and staying lively. Running your palms underneath heat (no longer sizzling) water prior to and after going out within the bloodless sounds obtrusive, nevertheless it works. As does protecting your palms and toes heat with thermal gloves and socks – particularly socks with actual silver fibres, thank you to their thermodynamic homes. We like Carnation Footcare Silversocks (£12 for 2 pairs, silversock.co.united kingdom).

KEEP UP THE FIGHT “Nifedipine, which widens blood vessels, is sometimes prescribed year round, other people may only need it in winter,” says Dr Lapa. “We’re always looking for new treatments, and one that’s currently on trial is Botox injections into the hands, but more tests are needed,” says Farrington. As for a natural choice, Ginkgo biloba has been discovered to scale back assaults via 56%. Try Ginkgoforce (£nine.75 for 30 capsules, avogel.co.united kingdom).


The maximum ugly of all of them, the iciness vomiting trojan horse, sometimes called norovirus, reasons sudden-onset vomiting (steadily projectile, great) and diarrhoea. It’s additionally super-contagious, so here is what to know:

Your armour: Wash your palms, wash your meals, blank your table, scrub the toilet. “Good hygiene really is the best way to protect yourself – those alcohol hand gels won’t kill this virus,” says Dr Lapa.

Oh God, it is hit. Now what? If you’re within the neighborhood when an inflamed individual barfs… excellent good fortune, as a result of likelihood is that you’ll quickly be doing the similar. Lie low, keep as hydrated as you can – and withstand the urge to be a hero and return to paintings. “People will love you more for keeping a distance until at least 48 hours after symptoms have passed,” says Dr Lapa. “If you want to talk to your GP, call rather than visit – again, to avoid infecting others.”

Recovery equipment: Once you can stay it down, rehydrate with water and an electrolyte powder like Dioralyte (£Three.79 for 6 sachets, Boots). Ready to consume? “Stick to bland carbohydrates like white toast or rice for the first couple of meals,” says Dr Lapa. Then, a process probiotics can help rebalance your intestine plants over the following few weeks. Try Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-strain Formula (£eight.99 for 30 tablets, bio-kult.com).

By Hannah Ebelthite

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