Dustin Hoffman Accused Of Sexually Harassing 17-Year-Old Intern

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Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old intern at the set of his 1985 TV adaptation “Death of a Salesman.”

Writer Anna Graham Hunter recounted the 5 weeks she spent running with Hoffman as a manufacturing assistant intimately for The Hollywood Reporter, portray the Oscar-winner as each an enthralling and stressful determine. 

“He asked me to give him a foot massage my first day on set; I did. He was openly flirtatious, he grabbed my ass, he talked about sex to me and in front of me,” Hunter recounted. “One morning I went to his dressing room to take his breakfast order; he looked at me and grinned, taking his time. Then he said, “I’ll have a hard-boiled egg … and a soft-boiled clitoris.”

“I loved the attention from Dustin Hoffman. Until I didn’t,” she added. 

dustin hoffman accused of sexually harassing 17 year old intern - Dustin Hoffman Accused Of Sexually Harassing 17-Year-Old Intern

Hunter often corresponded along with her sister, sending detailed messages about Hoffman again and again groping her and making sexually beside the point feedback, which the opening has revealed in complete.

“Today, when I was walking Dustin to his limo, he felt my ass four times. I hit him each time, hard, and told him he was a dirty old man,” she wrote to her sister. “He took off his hat and pointed to his head (shaved for the part) and said, “No, I’m a dirty young man, I have a full head of hair.”

At the time, Hoffman used to be on the height of his profession, coming off severely acclaimed movies like “Tootsie” and “Kramer vs. Kramer,” a movie that has additionally been embroiled in controversy because of Hoffman’s conduct in the back of the scenes. 

She claims that actor’s misconduct used to be widely recognized and condoned at the set of “Death of a Salesman,” in spite of her efforts to alert superiors who advised her to “sacrifice some of our values” to stay the manufacturing operating easily. 

Hoffman issued a reaction apologizing in vast phrases for any hurt he led to. 

“I have the utmost respect for women and feel terrible that anything I might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation,” he advised The Hollywood Reporter. “I am sorry. It is not reflective of who I am.”

To learn Hunter’s complete account, head over to The Hollywood Reporter. 

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