Best of Man Repeller 2017: What Made Us Laugh, Cry and Think

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If the internet is to be believed, everyone spends most of December in disbelief that it’s arrived. While most of us at MR do agree, and have said as much 437 times, the point’s a bit tired, isn’t it? We need a new end-of-year shtick. How’s this for an idea: Maybe these past 12 months didn’t fly by. Maybe a shit ton of stuff happened on a practical, emotional and molecular level. Maybe we’re very tired and for good reason.

Think of how many headaches we endured! How many full-body chills we got! How many delicious meals and awkward conversations and important realizations we had. Think of all the alarms we set and snooze buttons we pressed. Think of all the good days followed by bad days following by good days we experienced. So many, too many to count!

Here’s something we can count: 1,431 articles were published on Man Repeller this year, and over 11 million people across 235 countries (hi!) spent more than a cumulative 120 years reading them. That’s over 60 million minutes, which, according to my calculations, is like, a billion. So in honor of all those minutes, and in honor of the conversations they sparked and what those conversations taught us in return, we decided to conclude our 2017 publishing schedule with a bit of ceremony. And what’s more ceremonious than superlatives?

If you care to indulge our nostalgia, below are the fruits of year-end reflections. Some of them are metric-based, some of them are emotion-based, but together they serve as a cheesy but important reminder: This year didn’t disappear. It brought us together in all manners of wonderful ways.

Let’s start with the classic: Most Popular

These were the 10 most-read stories on Man Repeller this year. A pretty good emotional spread, no?

A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement
I Tried the Jennifer Aniston Diet, and the Results Were Chilling
5 Things I’ve Learned From Years of Keratin Treatments
3 Women on What They’ve Learned in Their 70+ Years
If Sex and the City Came Out in 2017, Miranda Would Be the Protagonist
Why Adult Friendship Makes Me Sad Sometimes
Movie Sex is the Worst: 10 Myths That Need to Go
You Know That Hairstyle You’d NEVER Try? We Tested 5
I Dressed Like Kim Kardashian for a Week
I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me for a Week

Most Likely to Spark Conversation

Our loooooooongest comment section, with 784 comments!

Help Me Compile a List of Genuinely Addicting Books

Most Emotional

These stories made us cry the hardest.

Tears of happiness: A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement
Tears of sadness: A Lie I Used to Tell Myself About Time
Tears of laughter: Giving Up Shampoo: A Horror Story

Toughest Nuts to Crack

The stories that were the most emotionally challenging to work through as writers.

A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement
How I Stopped Letting My Past Relationships Haunt My Current One
I Had a Hard Month, But You Wouldn’t Know it From My Mirror Selfies 
After 28 Years, I Still Don’t Know What I Look Like
Why I Ended a Happy Relationship

Most Needed

The stories that came at just the right time, or struck just the right chord with us as readers.

What if You Already Are Your Best Self?
3 Women on What They’ve Learned in Their 70+ Years of Life
Why I Stopped Trying to Solve My Feelings
Rihanna’s Perspective on Her Weight Changed How I Think
5 Authors on How, Why and Where They Write
What Michelle Obama Means to Me

Most Fun to Hang Out With

The comment section of contributor Jenna Birch’s story about adult friendship basically became a meet-up app and it was incredible.

The Case for Trying (Really Hard) to Make Friends as an Adult

Biggest Procrastinator

Amelia pitched this piece on May 10th, and put off writing it until November 16th.

Turning 29 Is Like a Second Puberty (Astrologically Speaking)

Most Inspired (by a Comment)

Under contributor Meghan Nesmith’s story about adult acne, a thoughtful commenter named Mo pointed out that our imagery shied away from showing real acne, but why? Her comment made us think, and Amelia pitched the below as a result.

What if Acne Wasn’t a Flaw? 5 Women Skip Coverup and Talk Skin

Most Challenging, Visually

Emily and Edith loved this story, but struggled for days on how to hit the right note for it with the imagery.

What I Wish People Know About Narcolepsy

Most Unexpected Traffic Hit

When Haley pitched a satire about millennials being vampires, it sounded like, shall we say, a dud. 

A Theory About Millennials You Haven’t Heard Before

Most Likely to Succeed

That is, if the success of the story is measured by how often we now use the term coined therein. 

Menocore Is the New Normcore, and it’s a Lot More Comfortable

Most Likely To Be Drunk

A.k.a. the stories we wrote while losing our damn minds.

Every horoscope Amelia has ever written
Confounding Photos of Celebrities Posing Awkwardly With Animals
Monocycle, Episode 56: Back With a Vengeance
Millennial Survives Another Day of Nonstop Irony
I Think Haim is Responsible for My Sunglasses Addiction

Most Likely to Tell it Like it Is

This piece by contributor Otegha Uwagba made 94 people say, “UGH, SAME.”

To All the People Who Have Spelled My Name Wrong

Most Prophetic

In other words, our most popular astrology-related story that told us our futures.

The Fate of Your Career, According to the Zodiac

Most Likely to Inspire Sartorial Introspection

In this piece about identity and style, Danielle Prescod was thanked by commenters for her honesty and vulnerability.

I Gave Away a Closet Full of Designer Clothes in Hopes of Finding “Me”

Most “Groundbreaking”

“MR Investigates” is a new vertical for us, with PLENTY more to come in 2018.

The Secret Lives of Big and Little Spoons: A Cuddling Investigation

Most Active

The stories that came with action items at the bottom — the ones we wrote because our times demand them.

Action After Gun Violence: How to Turn You Grief Into Purpose
The Quiet Roar of #MeToo
Birth Control: What’s at Risk and What You Can Do
Ways to Take Action After the Women’s March
Black Women Elect Doug Jones to the Alabama Senate

Most Resilient

This story was almost killed by the writer on multiple occasions, but thank goodness it wasn’t.

The Cult of Kate Middleton and Her Superfans

Most Uplifting

These ones just plain made our hearts sing as we wrote and read them.

3 Untraditional Families on How it Feels to Be Different
The Women of Planned Parenthood Are Not Giving Up
51 Photos That Capture the Joy of the NYC Pride Parade

Biggest Gossip

The juiciest story in town.

Fashion Insiders Confirm Almost Every Stereotype in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Most High-Maintenance

These are the fashion shoots we put the most work into, purely so they’d live up to our pitch-meeting fantasies.

Gucci Cruise on a Cruise: A Feast for the Eyes
The Pie-Eating Fashion Editorial You Never Knew You Wanted
Reimagining the Best Summer Scenes (and Outfits!) From ‘Sex and the City’ 

Most Athletic

Our most liked photo on Instagram this year was…wait for it…a Chanel sports bra.

Cutest Couple

Our most liked tweet this year featured our social media editor Ashley and her future husband.

Okay, we’ll call it there, lest we rehash every single story we published this year. If you had a favorite, either on Man Repeller or elsewhere, please share it in the comments below and help me prove this year was a packed one.

See you in 2018!

Feature photo by Edith Young.

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Everyone with a piercing needs to read this
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