Alexa Chung’s Uncomfortable Obsession With Hotpants

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Alexa Chung is all the time uncomfortable.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler on Refinery29, she admitted that this everlasting state of being encompasses the entirety from her snoozing behavior to her outfit possible choices:

“I’ve actually got two bedrooms in my house, and I’ve been sleeping in the lesser bedroom for three years without even noticing. I recently graduated to the larger bedroom with the nicer bed and it’s amazing. I actually sleep now. I think on a certain level, I like being uncomfortable. If there’s a sofa, I’ll sit on the floor. I’m very odd in that way. The same thing goes for sweatpants. I understand there’s a world of luxury waiting for me in comfortable, breathable fabrics, but I’m the kind of person who will sit on a 12-hour flight in denim hotpants. I don’t know why. I seem to have a problem with comfort. It’s very odd. So I don’t wear sweatpants. I wear whatever is the least comfortable thing. I don’t like to be too leisurely.”

I will’t forestall serious about this paragraph, essentially as it runs contradictory to each and every lycra-loving bone in my frame. The very first thing I do on a daily basis when I am getting house from paintings is strip off my bra, substitute my actual pants with sweatpants and splay out on my sofa like a beached, braless manatee.

alexa chungs uncomfortable obsession with hotpants - Alexa Chung’s Uncomfortable Obsession With Hotpants

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Airplane consolation protocol is a special and extra necessity-induced beast totally, person who I means with the seriousness of a political op-ed. The thought of sitting for a 12-hour airplane trip in the rest however leggings sends a relax down my backbone. Seeing the phrases “flight” and “denim hotpants” in the similar sentence sparks little beads of bitter, frantic sweat below my fingers.

In different phrases, now not simplest do I like being relaxed and search it out on a close to consistent foundation, however I’m completely bewildered through the scoop that now not everybody’s like that, particularly within the context of a transcontinental flight. This feeling is what lead me to in my opinion examine Chung’s affinity for inopportune hotpants with the urgency of a comfort-deranged anthropologist.

I began through revisiting a Chatroom video revealed in this very website online in May 2016 — a video in which, I in order that came about to keep in mind, the subject of hotpants on airplanes arose in dialog between Chung and Leandra.

“One time I wore hotpants from London to New York,” Chung says. “There was a journalist on the plane, and she wrote about how I wore hotpants even on the plane, and then I felt silly for wearing them.”

In October of the similar 12 months, Chung waxed poetic about dressed in hotpants whilst touring over again in an interview with W Magazine. Describing her go-to trip outfit, she says, “…if I’m going to L.A., I already want to get in the mood, I’m already in hotpants.”

In February 2013, answering a query in Conde Nast Traveler a couple of trip lesson she discovered the arduous means, she says, “I’m usually packing in a rush, and the next thing you know you’re sitting on the plane in hotpants and sandals wondering why you’re such an idiot.”

1510848726 649 alexa chungs uncomfortable obsession with hotpants - Alexa Chung’s Uncomfortable Obsession With Hotpants

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Finally, backtracking the entire option to October 2012 to a put up on StyleCaster, Chung integrated denim hotpants in a roundup of things she would by no means get on a airplane with out: “It’s weird how wearable they are,” she says.

And there you’ve got it. Five years of denim-hotpants-on-airplane confessionals, a really interesting and heretofore unanalyzed historical past of planned discomfort.

Flabbergasted as I could also be through the idea that itself, I do assume it’s more or less fascinating that Chung went from deeming this (closely documented) choice “idiot[ic]” and “silly” to after all showing to simply accept it, “odd” as it can be, in her interview with Handler. It offers me hope that some day I’ll really feel assured sufficient to brazenly admit and include the truth that I nonetheless put on Solos pants with fold-over waistbands from time to time.


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