15 Things Every Man Should Own According To Tom Ford

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There’s not anything in existence that may’t be organised into an inventory, whether or not it’s a to-do listing, a buying groceries listing, or an every-reason-I-hate-my-boss listing.

One indisputably value a learn, on the other hand, is that this one through menswear maestro Tom Ford, who has compiled the 15 issues each guy must do or personal to be straight away extra fashionable.

Granted, one of the pieces could be more difficult to obtain than others, however helpfully there also are a number of guides right here on FashionBeans to get you to your approach. He will have to be a fan. As are we, Tom.

A Well-Cut Dark Suit

The first lesson of guy college: at all times have no less than one well-fitting go well with at hand, dry-cleaned and in a position to head.

A Sense Of Humour

It is probably not the perfect factor to obtain, nevertheless it’s value operating at as a result of not anything gets you via existence like the facility to snigger at your self and inform a just right shaggy dog story.

The Daily Newspaper

Not handiest will it provide you with a couple of conversation-starters, you’ll additionally glance a rattling sight extra artful to your trip. If international occasions are too miserable, check out a just right ebook.

Dark Denim

Because they’re a cloth wardrobe staple, and since Tom Ford says so.

Classic Black Lace-Ups

All males are judged on their footwear, it’s only a reality of existence and there’s not anything you’ll do however play the sport. A couple of Oxfords are a just right position to begin.

A Signature Scent

Take the edge out through choosing a high quality perfume underneath £20. Just don’t make your “signature” be dressed in an excessive amount of of it.

A Sport That You Love (And Are Good At)

There’s no level sweating away within the health club on a daily basis for those who hate it. Pick one recreation you favor, and keep it up.

A Smart Blazer

When a go well with isn’t required, similarly fashionable separates are nonetheless a cast selection.

A Crisp White Shirt

The handiest approach you’ll cross fallacious with a white blouse is for those who don’t have sufficient of them. All that’s left is to be informed what to pair with it.


Because a rogue nostril hair will indisputably smash your day.

New Socks And Underwear

No self-respecting guy can be stuck useless with a hollow in his blouse, the similar is going in the case of socks. Ford suggests throwing away previous ones each six months.

A Day Watch With A Metal Band

So you’ll inform the time, and others can inform you’re value theirs. Better but, purchasing one needn’t bankrupt you.


Sunglasses are one of the best ways to sing their own praises your taste (and conceal a hangover), so ensure that they’re nicely selected.

A Dinner Suit

Does James Bond (every other Ford wearer, we would possibly upload) ever seem like he’s come directly from the administrative center? No, and neither must you.

Perfect Teeth

The jury is out on what “perfect” method, however no less than ensure that they’re in first rate sufficient nick so that you don’t need to stay your mouth closed in footage.

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